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Certified Android Enterprise Expert
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Jason Bayton

Certified Android Enterprise Expert

vExpert ● Android Advocate ● CPO beta site development status

Known issues

  • Search isn't implemented - 19th April
  • Tag pages aren't implemented
  • Category pages aren't implemented
  • Pagination is not implemented
  • Some post-migratory content requires formatting adjustments
  • Tags aren't hyphenated
  • Missing sitemap
  • Missing RSS
  • Doc navigation is currently not dynamic
    • Currently fixed to Android - 18th April
    • Currently all collapsed, should open the current topic when reading a topic - 16th April
  • Doc navigation incorrectly formatted - 16th April
  • Current approach to post meta is messy & convoluted
  • 404 needs work
  • Backend logic requires finessing
  • Glitchy styles on grid media queries
  • Related tag layout broken for < 3 tags - 16th April
  • Related tag layout shows in docs - 16th April


  • Implement a better darkmode toggle - 19th April
  • Add a menu/sidebar to mobile
  • Improve the header on mobile
  • Sticky header? Maybe
  • Add TOC to mobile
  • Decide on search on header or in an options-style menu for mobile
  • Add dynamic, URL keyword-based routing
  • Add automatic search for URLs without a direct match
  • Optimise images
  • Improve footer layout
  • Make theme repo public (for reporting theme issues) - 16th April
  • Make content repo public (for reporting content issues) - 16th April
  • Made core site repo public
  • Clean up CSS
  • Doc nav should get its own ID/classes
  • Search page should get its own ID/classes
  • Next/prev doc based on border
  • Doc groups, for multi-part docs
  • Remove dupes in related docs/posts
  • Bring pages inline with the other CTs (style, spacing, alignment)

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