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Jan 08, 2012 | Jan 08, 2012 | 2 minutes

HTC Sense - Changing the lockscreen icons from within ADW

If, like me, you dislike HTC's Sense Home and use a different launcher, you will notice getting directly to different settings screens is a much longer process.

Changing the lockscreen icons, for example, requires re-launching HTC's Sense Home, tapping the "Personalize" icon and selecting the lockscreen options.

ADW (and other launchers) has a way of assisting you in making this a lot easier. I'll show you how: 

Changing lockscreen icons from within ADW

Open ADW options - Tap Add.

Select Custom Shortcut Select "Custom shortcut".

Select Pick Activity Select "Pick your activity". Disregard the image and Label for now.

Select Activities Select "Activities".

Scroll to and select "Personalize" Scroll to and tap the arrow to the left of "Personalize".

Select the activity Personalize(.idlescreen.shortcut.ShortcutSetting) Select the activity "Personalize(.idlescreen.shortcut.ShortcutSetting)".

Edit name and icon Now edit the label and select a memorable icon.

Edited Shortcut Once edited, tap OK

ADW Shortcut Icon Tap the icon to now open the Sense lockscreen settings.

Sense Lockscreen settings Edit the lockscreen settings at will!

I hope you find this useful. There are many, many shortcuts that will allow you to bring up Sense options and applications. While it is fresh in the mind, take the opportunity to explore this further and see what else you can dig out!

Cheers, Jason

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