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Aug 06, 2011 | Aug 06, 2011 | 2 minutes

Using multiple accounts with Google

Do you have more than one Google account? Have you been struggling with multiple browsers or incognito mode to allow you to sign into more than one account at any one time?

Evidently you're not aware of Google's multiple sign-in feature.

Once activated, you can log into up to 10 accounts at any one time and very quickly switch between them on most (but not all) Google products. Anywhere you see a "Switch Account" link when clicking your name in the top right corner is a product that Google supports multi sign-in.

Quick tip! "Right click > Open link in new tab" to remain in one account while opening another!

The setup of this feature is extremely easy, and takes only a few steps!

  1. Log onto

If you're a Google plus user (and you really should be) you'll see the Google plus settings page, if not, you'll see the standard account settings page you always see.

  1. Locate "Multiple sign-in" and click "Edit". Turn it on.

  2. Open a Google product, such as Gmail, click your name/image in the top corner and look for the "Switch Account" link.

Check it out, no more IE to access that second account!

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