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May 20, 2010 | May 20, 2010 | 2 minutes

Google enables Wave for Apps domains

In a surprising turn of events today, Google released Wave for Google Apps for Domains! This is great news for those who've been following Wave as closely as I have. You can now relish in having it specifically for your own private domain, where you can collaborate with your users (family/friends) in an environment they're familiar with and in which you have full control.

Here's how you activate it!

  1. Log into your Apps domain Admin panel here:

Already have the next gen features enabled? Skip to number 3)

2a) Go to Domain settings, scroll down to New services and pre-release features. Enable both. This'll make sure you get the beta (labs) services.


2b) Continue on, scroll down to the bottom and select: Next generation (US English only) Control Panel. Save your settings. ss13) Go to the dashboard and select Add more services next to Service Settings


  1. Find Wave and select Add it now


  1. Confirm with Yes, enable Google Wave


  1. Return to the Dashboard to see Wave enabled, navigate to the link provided and test it out! Once it works, you can return to the dashboard and assign your own subdomain address to it! Simple as that.


Wanting to control whether users can Wave with people outside of your domain? Click Google Wave on the dashboard, and adjust the settings accordingly!


Please note that you need to enable Waves from users outside the domain in order to have extensions working correctly!

Cheers, and enjoy the revolution!

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