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May 14, 2010 | May 14, 2010 | 2 minutes

Edit a PDF with Zamzar

It's a commonly asked question, "How do I edit this PDF?". There are some pretty good tools for users wanting to edit their PDFs, but usually they also cost money! I've known about Zamzar for a long time, and use it regularly as I always find myself getting PDFs while I'd rather have them in .doc, .odt or evenĀ .bmp! Zamzar is a free simple online document converter that'll take your PDF, then present you with a list of extensions to have it converted to. Most commonly selected is .doc for Microsoft Office, but there are far more than that available.

The process of converting a PDF is extremely simple, but I'll outline it below anyway just to give the article some body.

  1. Navigate your browser to

  1. Ignoring all of the adverts, head right down to "Convert Files" and upload your PDF.


  1. Select your desired format to have the PDF converted to.


  1. Enter your email address


  1. Hit convert and you'll see the confirmation page




  1. Check your mails (Can't say how long you'll wait unfortunately, it's usually around 5 mins)


  1. Click the link in the email

zamzar8 (highlighted in red)

  1. Download and enjoy!



Once edited, you can then once again export it to PDF and do with it what you want!

I hope this helps, and should you have any alternatives, please let me know! Please note, sometimes it messes up (these things happen!) just retry it.


pdf conversion
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