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Apr 15, 2010 | Apr 15, 2010 | 2 minutes

Update: Buzz on Windows Mobile

A short while ago I wrote an article on forcing Buzz compatibility for Windows Mobile. I've continued researching to find a better way that requires less of a work-around and think I've cracked it.

Buzz runs with HTML5, a standard which Windows Mobile does not and will not support according to information currently available (link used is one of a few I found mentioning HTML5. Please tell me if I'm incorrect!). This means that up until now the only way to get the Buzz interface on Windows Mobile was to use the "magic" link I posted in the article linked in the first paragraph, a work-around that forces buzz to run in an unsupported format.

Recently, I tracked down Torch Mobile's Iris Browser.

They are no longer developing the browser as they were bought by RIM in order to develop the Blackberry HTML5 browser being launched, but after frequent searches I found a location where it is still possible to download the browser from Freeware Pocket PC. What's special about Iris? It is, as far as I know, the only HTML5 browser for Windows Mobile! And running Buzz from the browser will give you almost full support for Buzz (there is still a small warning from Buzz initially saying you are running an older OS, but after selecting continue Buzz runs perfectly fine.

Naturally, if you click continue, and then bookmark the page once it lands on the Buzz interface, you'll skip the warning next time you launch Buzz.

Screen1 Screen2

I hope that helps again for my Windows Mobile comrades, and if I find any better alternatives I'll be sure to post them on the site!

Good luck!

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