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Mar 02, 2010 | Mar 02, 2010 | 2 minutes

Dreamscene on Windows 7

I've recently come across Dreamscene on Vista Ultimate and thought it was quite interesting. It allows you to play a .wmv file as a desktop background. However, when I came to look for it on 7 (naturally assuming it would be there!) it seems it's been replaced by the desktop slideshow application. Bummer.

So for those who briefly did use Vista (before realising how bad an OS it is), used Dreamscene and then upgraded to 7, here's how to get it on Windows 7:

  1. Make sure Aero is activated! (It won't run without it!)


  1. Download Dreamscene.exe and run it as an administrator. It will copy a bunch of dll's to the windows directory and will then restart explorer, so you may see your taskbar and icons disappear momentarily.


  1. Find the video you would like to select, I recommend taking a look over on as they have some cracking animations for all genres. To activate the video, right click and "Set as desktop background"


There are other ways of setting them, by right clicking on the desktop and selecting "Personalise" (there is a Dreamscene folder in WindowsWeb* which can be set as a location) etc but for setting a single video as the background (click and forget) I find it easier just to right click and set as.

*I find that this folder doesn't really do anything in 7, and seems to be just a by product from the installation in Vista. When I go to personalise, the folder that seems to be active is a roaming folder as show below:



My desktop icons/text have vanished! A common fault easily rectified.

  1. Right click on your desktop and click "Personalise". 2) Select the default Aero theme, and close. 3) Find your video again, right click and "Set as desktop background".

This should fix it. (If it doesn't straight away, try it again).

Any problems, give me a nod. Good luck!

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