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Mar 22, 2010 | Mar 22, 2010 | 2 minutes

Buzz on your desktop

Just when you thought Buzz couldn't be used anywhere else (mobile, browser), a desktop app has been created using Adobe Air to allow you to do everything you wanted to without opening your browser.

If you can handle a little foreign language then you shouldn't have any problems using it (it's majoritively English anyway) and it's quite a nifty little app. Though it's not perfect.. location appears to be unavailable which is a huge disadvantage for one of the most innovative features of Buzz.

I tested it out, and to be very honest I decided to stop using it and start using my own version instead. Here's my way of having Buzz on the desktop using Chrome, Gears and Chrome's Application Shortcut:

Open Chrome, and navigate to

Open the page menu, and click "Create Application Shortcuts"

Go through the steps Chrome requires (if any) and finish. Now you should see an icon on your desktop:

(It isn't an oversized picture, that's the pixelated icon provided by Chrome)

And now when you click on the icon, it'll open it's own application window separate from the chrome browser itself (so no merging with tabs etc) which offers everything Buzz offers on Gmail, mobile etc and even better, as it's full screen!

The only thing you may come across while navigating through all the aspects of Buzz (maps etc) is a small message telling you the browser is not supported. Just click continue and don't worry about it. It'll work perfectly well.


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